Other Services

Bespoke Fabrication

We can design, fabricate and supply a variety of bespoke equipment to support your projects.

Past fabrication projects include:

  • Containerised technician workshops – Our bespoke workshops replace the standard 10 foot containers on board our windfarm support vessels. These workshops are fitted with a work bench, vice, window, drying area with hangers, kit bag storage, lighting & heating. They can be adapted to suit your exact requirements.
  • Pallet Cages – Our pallet cages ensure that IBC’s or pallets containing loose items can be safely lifted, eliminating the risk of a dropped object incident occurring.
  • Extending Gangways – Our extending gangways are constructed to ensure that a safe accessible distance is achieved when transferring personnel from the bow of our windfarm support vessels to offshore platforms or ships via a boat landing.

Our extending gangways are securely fastened to the vessels deck, has a none-slip surface and has secure locking points at various positions so that the gangway can be extended out at different lengths to suit the many different boat landing designs.

High Pressure Cleaning

Our mobile high pressure washing unit has previously been used to carry out high pressure cleaning on boat landings, vessels and quayside areas.

This unit is road transportable and can be loaded on board our vessels to enable us to carry out high pressure cleaning on offshore structures.