MMS Offshore Delivers Gearbox & Hydraulic Oil Exchange Campaign on Sheringham Shoal Windfarm

MMS Offshore is one of the UK’s leading companies offering fully owned, purpose built and industry leading, high specification support vessels to the offshore renewables sector.  As such, the company has worked on most of the UK’s offshore wind farms delivering a range of services from survey work to equipment transfer, dive support and much more.

One such windfarm is Sheringham Shoal where MMS Offshore successfully delivered a gearbox and hydraulic oil exchange campaign together with providing 24/7 ‘in field’ support – operating from Lowestoft if a return to port was required – to exchange old oil for clean.

Using our own vessels – MMS Superior & MMS Supreme with the advantages of long deck lengths – the team successfully transported a large, containerised pump, together with the considerable lengths of hoses required to reach the top of the turbines, to pump out and refill the gearboxes and hydraulic tanks.  The vessels also transported the receptacle for the old oil as well as transporting IBC’s containing clean oil.

Sheringham Shoal is located between 17 and 23 kilometres off the coast of North Norfolk, comprises 88 wind turbines and generates around 1.1TWh of green energy each year, supplying 280,000 homes.

Located in Grimsby with prime dockside position – and additional facilities in Hull – MMS Offshore is perfectly positioned to serve offshore windfarms down the East coast. The versatility of the wholly owned vessels – built to support all phases of offshore work from construction to operation and maintenance – also means deployment can be made quickly and effectively to meet the exacting needs of the client.

To find out how MMS Offshore can work with you to support your offshore renewable energy needs, visit our website at (link to add) or give us a call on 01482 221209.

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